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Developed by the enterprise KOPEN productions are intended to increase energy efficiency of various industrial enterprises. The output is developed for the chiefs of the industrial enterprises and businessmen interested in an increase of profit and expansion of the bill of goods and services. 

 Product 1:  

 RPEY - The Russian Parametric Electric motor by Yalovega

 The energy saving engines, named RPEY, are created to replace the asynchronous engines and engines of a constant current. Also to keep all the positive properties of asynchronous engine but not their faults. The RPEY can be made in a metal construction of a standard three-phase asynchronous motor by replacing the stator windings. All the technology of manufacturing and assembly are kept. The RPEY consumes less electric power by 2 - 3 times than asynchronous electric motors, while fulfilling similar work. 

 Product 2:  

 RPSEY - The Russian Parametric Submersible Electric motor by Yalovega

  Special energy saving electric motors - RPSEY is developed for replacement of traditional submersible asynchronous electric motors of all types. The conjunctive size and the spare parts of RPSEY engines and asynchronous coincide. Therefore modernization of asynchronous motors of all types and operating repair can be carried out by any base on repair and service of submersible electro-installations. 

Product 3:

AEDY - The Automated Electric Drive by Yalovega



Product 4:

RPLE - Russian Parametric Linear Electric motor  

The created constructive number of RPLE concerns to a class of linear electric motors of low velocity. Speed of a moving element made of duralumin (analogue of a rotor) less than 3 m/sec. The speed of RPLE is adjusted from 0 m/sec (cargo non-contactly hangs in a magnetic field) up to 3 m/sec smoothly by a three-phase auto transformer.  

Product 5:

RPEMT - Running Part of Electrojet Monorail Transport

The RPEMT is created on a basis of RPLEY.  The monorail electro-jet is not dependent on the conditions of surface of a way (the roller of friction about a surface of a way), supposes any corner of rise up to 90 degrees. It is Simple, reliable, and convenient.  Applicability: the interplant and intrarshop transport, the assembly manipulators, the feed device, moving of cargoes in shops, warehouses or of industrial refrigerating machineries, etc.

Product 6:

ADC - Articulated Double Coupling

The accident protection device and coupling, type ADC is developed to replace the existing types of connecting coupling in the process equipment of an oil-extracting and gas industry, in general mechanical engineering, for the drilling equipment, for road - building engineering and handling machinery, in the motor-car industry, and in the equipment of a municipal services. 

Product 7:

CDP - The Confuser-Diffuser Pump

The new concept of construction of centrifugal pumps is developed, the flowing part of a wheel in which instead of the bent blades is executed as the accelerating muzzle. It has a straight-line characteristic. Well works with liquids and with the high gas contents without gas separator. The centrifugal pump of a type CDP by productivity less than 10 m3/day can replace unreliable sucker-rod pumps.

Product 8:

SITBS - The Self-Installing Thrust Bearing of Sliding

 The special thrust bearing of sliding is ensuring greatest possible contact of a surface of abutment and of bearing for the account self-installing of the adjusting mechanism is developed at deviations of an axis of the shafts from a vertical. It compensates for technological errors and eccentricity arising at misalignment of axes of separate details, and as misalignment with parallel by axes, and misalignment with cross by axes.   

Using our inventions you will reduce industrial energy requirements while stimulating economic productivity and growth and simultaneously environmental performance.  

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