The economic, political and military development of industrial countries depends more and more on the presence of necessary quantities of energy resources.  Energy resources are becoming the same universal monetary worth, as gold. Today, not only the financial well-being of separate companies and countries depend on it, but also the environment and the survival of citizens in these countries in next 20 years depends on it. The development of new methods of energy saving holds the most priority in the direction of scientific research. More detail ...

 The power efficiency of industrial technologies, first of all, depend on the properties of asynchronous (AC) electric motors, which consume more than 65 % of all electric power developed in the world. The electric motors actuate various devices in machine-building, oil-extracting and oil refining industries, also in mining, chemical, forest products, steel and in other industries. Reducing industrial energy requirements will lower cost and improve productivity. More detail  

The asynchronous electric motors can be replaced with the energy saving RPEY motors, resulting in huge economic benefits by keeping all the positive properties of the asynchronous electric motors, the RPEY but not their flaws. The strength of the given offer is that RPEY can be made in a construction of AC motors. All the technology of manufacturing and assembly is kept. More detail ...  Except for traditional electric motors of the rotary type, we create interesting linear electric motors. More detail ...

For more than 10 years our motors have successfully worked in oil-extracting and processing industries. Today, two enterprises, by small series manufacture our energy saving submersible electric motors (RPSEY). More detail The energy saving properties, reliability, weight and small dimensions the RPEY and RPSEY motors are the best engines in the world. Using our inventions you will reduce industrial energy requirements while stimulating economic productivity and growth and simultaneously environmental performance. 

With the purpose to increase energy efficiency, new units and details are developed, which with the large economic benefit can be used in various equipment. Here you can get acquainted with the information on a  new protection articulated double coupling (ADC) with 12 degrees of freedom More detail ... and a self-installing thrust bearing of sliding. More detail ...  Another interesting direction of work in the field to increase energy efficiency is connected with creating of new concept of construction of centrifugal pumps, the flowing part of a wheel in which instead of the bent blades is executed as the accelerating muzzle. More detail

 The Moscow Scientific Project Enterprise KOPEN was created in 1988. The basic direction of the enterprise is the work in the area of energy efficient technologies for various industries. Here you can get acquainted with the information on the history of KOPEN and its inventors, Nikolai Vasilievich and Sergei Nikolaevich Yalovega. More detail ... The new product is the culmination of many years of scientific research. We have patents for all our suggestions.

We offer  ready decisions that can be implemented right away.  

Director of the scientific project enterprise KOPEN  

Sergei N. Yalovega

E-mail: sny@mail.tascom.ru

Telephone number in Moscow: (095) 537-1656

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