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SITBS - The Self-Installing Thrust Bearing of Sliding

The special self-installing thrust bearing of sliding is ensuring the greatest possible contact of a surface of abutment and of bearing for the account of self-installing of the adjusting mechanism is developed at deviations of an axis of the shaft from vertical. It compensates for  technological errors and eccentricity of the rotating part of all mechanism caused by misalignment of axes of separate details, at that as misalignment with parallel by axes and misalignment with cross by axes. 

 Submersible equipment of various type and purposes, designed for extracting of petroleum and water from deep oil-well, and the drilling equipment contains in a design the thrust bearing of sliding. The diametrical restrictions of overall dimensions of submersible equipment do not allow the applying of the device with independent segments, each of which densely would adjoin to abutment, as in the known thrust bearing of sliding by Mitchell.

In design of the submersible electric motor instead of such special devices use the ring from oil-resistant of rubber, deformations dynamics of which do not provide uniform adjacency of abutment and bearing on all surface, there is an asymmetric development, it is especially on the large speeds and in the curved oil-well. It rises the moment of resistance that especially has a negative effect for work at start-up and reducing the time between failures. It is known that the cost of such failure is very high.

Our experts have developed a design of the self-installing thrust bearing of sliding, which allows for the account of the self-installing mechanism to compensate technological errors, in particular, arising from the eccentricity at misalignment of details of the submersible device, and as misalignment with cross by axes.

It unloads all mechanism from dynamic impacts, skews, jamming, raises reliability of the thrust bearing of sliding in work, and provides contact of a surface abutment and bearing, equal to its potential area at any errors of a design and technology within the limits of technological errors.

 The self-installing thrust bearing of sliding contains a frame and bearing ring, rigidly established in it, abutment from antifriction material, abutment as a washer rigidly established on the shaft, self-installing mechanism.

The self-installing mechanism is executed as two pairs diametrically located pins, established from each other under a corner of 90 degrees and detail placed between a bearing ring and bearing. One pair of pins is rigidly established in abutment with an opportunity of maintenance it of rocking in an intermediate detail and with an opportunity of maintenance of rocking and detail in a bearing ring concerning an axis of their installation.

The unloading of the mechanism from dynamic impacts, skews and jamming for the account of the self-installing adjusting mechanism with the small diametrical sizes is provided. Such design of the thrust bearing of sliding has high adaptability to manufacture and has efficiency in comparison with known devices of a similar purpose. They have a small metal consumption and high EFFICIENCY, creating conditions for a steady oil wedge.

The enterprise KOPEN gives on the basis of the available patent, of license for manufacturing use and in other designs and sale SITBS.


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