The Scientific Project Enterprise KOPEN

The scientific project enterprise KOPEN was established in 1988 on the territory of the scientific manufacturing association COMPLEX. The enterprise KOPEN develops productions as the intellectual property, which offers on a license basis to the enterprises and organizations.

By the basic kind of activity of the scientific project enterprise KOPEN are the development, experimental manufacturer and researcher of the special energy saving motors created by the professor, doctor of engineering science Nikolai V. Yalovega.

For more than 100 years the inventors in all industrially advanced countries of the world undertook unsuccessful attempts to invent such electric motors, which could replace engines of a constant current with a more simple, reliable and inexpensive as the asynchronous, but with simple and convenient regulation of speed of rotation, as with engines of a constant current.

The solution was found in the mid 60s by Nikolai V. Yalovega. He first invented the circuit of the pump, used for swapping liquid metals for space industry, and later in the circuit of the bi-phase electric motor included in a three-phase network direct, without phase-shifting devices.  

 Nikolai Vasilievich Yalovega: work status includes being the main scientific expert. He is the author of more than 120 publications, 5 mono-graphies from which 2 are textbooks. He also has 42 copyright certificates and patents, the majority of which are introduced in an industry.

Mr. Yalovega has worked in the space industry. He is a professor, and a doctor of engineering science (technical cybernetics). He has worked in manufacturing for 40 years and has been teaching for 25 years. He is the chief of scientific projects as well as an adviser in the field of technology and the manufacturing of new engineering. 

As a result of long-term research and works on improvement of this invention, the parametrical electric motors of an alternating current which does not have the efficiency of analogues in the world were developed of six-phases on number of independent windings of stator and three-phase on the power supply.

The engines have received the name: "Russian Parametrical Electric motors of Yalovega" (RPEY). In 1990 at an exhibition of achievement in Moscow for the foreign experts, the RPEY were marked by a gold medal and two silver medals.

Sergei Nikolaevich Yalovega: work status - director of the scientific project enterprise KOPEN. He has written a dissertation on the competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of engineering science in the specialty of "Electric Equipment".

He has 12 clauses and publications, and is the author of 16 inventions. Besides administrative work, Mr. Yalovega carries out technical computing, design study and technological works, solves questions connected to manufacturing and performs complex tests of new engineering.

As has shown the analysis of the block diagram of manufacture and current consumption, the replacement of traditional asynchronous engines on RPEY is the most effective method of energy efficiency. Thousands of RPEY of a various types successfully work in the oil-extracting and oil refining industries, mechanical engineering, foods and other industries.

The properties of the RPEY have allowed for the creation on its basis a lot of the process equipment adequate the requirements energy saving of technologies. The executed projects of RPEY have captured a power range from 0.25 kW up to 2000 kW. On a basis of the RPEY, electric drive RAE was created and is automated for replacement of drives of a constant current working on the circuit the generator - the engine, widely used in different industries.

At a lower cost price to manufacture power EFFICIENCY of a drive and its reliability raise in some times. The long-term cooperation with the experts of an oil-extracting and oil refining industries has helped to understand problems and to develop the practical offers on technology of re-equipment of this branch. Numerous projects of the RPEY in dust-ignition-proof were executed at the Moscow oil refining factory in Kapotnia.

Modernization of the dust-ignition-proof of asynchronous engines under the circuit of RPEY have mastered on a factory site to repair electric motors.  Today, two factories serially produce the submersible electric motors of the type RPSEY developed for work in extremely heavy operating conditions of an oil-extracting industry.

The economic preconditions of creation of new engineering in the area of the submersible electro-pump equipment for extracting of petroleum and water from deep oil-well promoted the invention: the self-installing thrust bearing of sliding and device of protection of the connected shafts of mechanisms and machines of a type ADC (Articulated Double Coupling).

These and other novelties have found a use in the submersible electric motor of a new generation prepared for serial manufacturing.

One more new direction of works is connected with the development of special confusor-diffuser pump (CDP). It is a valid the new concept of centrifugal pumps. The impeller of the new pump does not have the bent blades, instead of them the flowing part is executed as the accelerating muzzle.

It is capable of working with liquids of lowered density containing plenty of gas, sand, salts and other impurity at the expense of creating essentially of other hydro-dynamical flows inside the pump. The gas buster is not necessary.

The CDP has an adjustable straight-line characteristic and a number of other properties distinguishing it from traditional centrifugal pumps. The rather large through passage apertures of the impeller of CDP even with the productivity less than 10 m3/day, allows it to create a constructive row reliable of the rod-less pumps capable of high efficiency to replace existing the sucker pumps (the rocker machine).

The scientific research and skilled design works are being conducted now with the customers from various industries. The works of experts of the scientific project KOPEN can be extremely interesting to the experts of machine-building industries. Today the most important task is energy efficiency modernization and not just that of mechanical engineering.

We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation.

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