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ADC - Articulated Dual Coupling

  Purpose:  The articulated dual coupling (ADC) this is a device created for the increase of resources of work of mechanisms and machines, protecting their connected shaft from mutual pushes, impacts and vibrations.(On the right in a photo)

 The ADC is a coupling, meant for transmitting the rotating moment from the conducting shaft to be conducted without distortion of the law of the transmitted moment under the form and time, by neutralizing negative influences of the mutually connected parts caused by radial and axial movements of shaft, including a crossing of axes of rotation.   

Areas of application:

  The ADC as the device of protection and is developed for replacement of existing types connecting muff in the process equipment of an oil-extracting and oil refining industry, in the equipment of a gas industry, for the drilling equipment working on land and by the sea, for road-building engineering and handling machinery, for machines and mechanisms used in general mechanical engineering, in a chemical industry, in a food-processing industry, in the equipment of a municipal services, for connection of various sort of engines, generators, diesel engines, compressors with centrifugal pumps, fans and other kinds of working machines and mechanisms.

The method of increasing of resources of mechanisms and machines is developed on the basis of the analysis of special devices being simultaneously connecting coupling, protecting conducted and conducting shaft from mutual pulsations of the rotating moment, vibrations and impacts.

The marked devices have a various nature, but all of them are characterized by the following lacks:

 1. The size of the transmitted moment is limited to dimensions of the concrete mechanism or


2. Complex, frequently unreliable and expensive design having besides a large weight and dimensions.

3. Require a source of a working body: water, oil, powder, balls .

4. Cause a loss of revolutions, i.e. provide presence of sliding.

5. Have a limited temperature of overheating.

6. Do not completely compensate frequency and amplitude of vibrations of the connected

mechanisms and machines against each other, that inevitably is condusive to their destruction. 

The analysis has shown, that the mentioned flaws are explained first of all by small number of allowable degrees of mobility of shafts journals.


The ADC  contain of two half-coupling with toothing on the face party, intermediate element with toothing on both parties forming gear gearing from each party from each of half-coupling, thus toothing of an intermediate element are located under a corner of 90 degrees from each other, protective cylinder, rigidly connected with one of half-coupling. Toothing has the special form.

Principle of action:

  Due to a special structure of toothing, everyone of a half-coupling can move on three axes X, Y, Z of coordinates and to have small corners of rotation around of each of axes X, Y, Z, that in total makes six degrees of mobility of half-coupling from each party of an intermediate element or 12 degrees of mobility for all ADC.

Characteristics of ADC for oil-extracting installation:

  •    Diameter of the shaft of the electric motor - 30 mm.
  •    Diameter of the connected shaft - 22 mm.
  •    Frequency of rotation - 3000 rev/min.
  •   Transmitted rotating moment - 320 Nm.
  •   Transmitted capacity - 100 kW.
  •   Length - 120 mm.
  •  Outside diameter - 45 mm.
  •   Weight - 0,75 kg.
  •   EFFICIENCY - 99,7 %.
  •   Admitted of misalignment of shafts - 3,5 mm.
  •   Crossing of axes - 7 degrees.

  Except for the unique functional properties, the ADC has the smallest compensatory coupling the diametrical sizes in the world concerning diameters of mating shaft.

The product is prepared for serial manufacture. We are ready to consider an offer on the statement on a series of ADC under your technical project or about creation of joint venture.


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