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RPLEY - Russian Parametric Linear Electric motor  

The linear electric motor is an electromechanical device meant for transforming of the electric power is directly in rectilinear movement of a moving element without what or transfer mechanisms and devices.

The created constructive number of RPLE concerns to a class of linear electric motors of low velocity. Speed of a moving element done of duralumin (analogue of a rotor) less than 3m/sec.

The speed of RPLE is adjusted from 0 m/sec (cargo non-contactly hangs in a magnetic field) up to 3 m/sec smoothly by three-phase auto transformer.   

Areas of application:

1. Intershop and interplant monorail transport.

2. Lifts, robots, manipulators, pushing and focusing devices.

3. System of automatic warehousing.

4. System of automatic opening and closing of doors.

5. Anti-ram of the device.

6. Group turnstiles.

7. Device and units of military-industrial establishment.   

8. Mechanisms and machines with rectilinear and - or by reciprocating moving of working bodies.

Advantages before a traditional drive of a rotary type:

 1. The linear electric drive excludes from structure of a drive converters of rotary movement in linear, type of a link gear or a crank mechanism, mechanisms of a type the screw - nut, rack - gear wheel, flexible transfers with system of blocks, cables, and reducers.

2. Eliminates of nonlinearity of the characteristics as backlash, elasticity, improves dynamics of a drive at the expense of reduction of fly-wheel weights.

3. Simplifies a design, raises reliability, reduces metal consumption, and simplifies service.

4. The linear electro-jet draft does a drive invariant to pollution of a secondary element (analogue of a rotor), its association etc.

For example, in shop electro-jet monorail transport a motionless part (monorail) can be filled with oil, is covered with ice and it does not worsen serviceability of a linear drive. Besides the corner of rise of a running part of electro-jet linear monorail transport can be significant more, than at the traditional conveyor, down to 90 degrees, that is vertically upwards.

Advantages RPLEY in front of traditional asynchronous linear electric drives:

1. The wide range of regulation of speed of moving on amplitude of voltage from 0 m/sec (indemnification of force of gravitation, which is a cargo non-contactly hangs in a magnetic field of RPLEY) up to 3 m/sec.

 2. The speed is adjusted smoothly, by change of voltage on windings of RPLEY.

It allows to be used as a control system of a drive: simple, reliable and, most importantly, inexpensive regulators of voltage.

Such control system sin comparison with frequency speed, is used for regulation of traditional asynchronous electric motors is 10 times less costly and much more reliable.

 3. On a degree of controllability of RPLEY can be adjusted, software programmable, viewable and adaptive.

As gauges of a feedback, all known gauges of a rule, speed, temperature and so on can be used.

 4. Steady mechanical characteristic in all a high-speed range of regulation of speed.

 5. The raised starting effort of draft that is the attitude of the starting force of draft to weight of inductor (stator) - up to 50 N/kg at density of a current only 23 /mm2, and in systems with compulsory cooling is even higher.

 6. Low starting currents allow for a long time of work in a mode start - stop and short circuit (is under loading at zero speed), and to use transistor control systems.

7. Simplicity of design and the use of normal industrial materials and secondary element from usual duralumin. This is besides offering a noiseless drive and ecological cleanliness. 

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