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  RPSEY - The Russian Parametric Submersible Electric motor by Yalovega

Special energy saving submersible electric motor - RPSEY are developed for replacement of traditional submersible asynchronous electric motors of all types. The conjunctive sizes and the spare parts of RPSEY engines and asynchronous coincide.

Therefore modernization of asynchronous motors of all types and operating repair can be carried out by any base on repair and service of submersible electroinstallations.  The RPSEY has unique properties similar RPEY of industrial execution and have appeared even more effective.

In 1992 parallel with development RPEY of industrial purpose at the joint-stock company NOYABRSKNEFTEGAZ the modernization under the circuit of RPEY traditional of asynchronous submersible electric motors began.

During modernization was completely kept metal construction but instead of the known circuit of the asynchronous electric motor in those - 18 grooves were stacked two independent three-phase windings under the circuit of RPEY.  

The tests have shown that at such modernization all characteristics of the traditional submersible asynchronous electric motor delivered by factories ALNAS, BORETS and others are improved.

In 1993 began cooperation with the enterprise DIAMOND from Raduzniy city Tyumen region. The experts of  KOPEN have designed and have begun to stamp new stator plate with 12 groves. We was the first. The circuit of windings has become simpler, and the characteristics of engines were improved.

The enterprise DIAMOND has mastered serial manufacture and service new submersible motors, received the name RPSEY. Especially it would be desirable to note the large contribution to development of serial manufacture of the director of this enterprise Rashit Faridovich Abdulin. 

   Today this enterprise successfully competes to the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers working in this area more of half-century and lets out RPSEY by capacity from 22 kW (30HP) up to 195 kW (265,2 HP) in one section.  

In 1998 the complex researches 14 oil-well equipped parametric submersible electric motors by Yalovega were carried out as a drive submersible centrifugal pump installations of serial deliveries of 1997 in BELOZERNEFT» of Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen area.  

In the conclusion of a commission is marked, that any Russian or foreign submersible electric motor could not work in such extrimal conditions. Tested RPSEY differ from traditional submersible asynchronous engines and their updatings energy efficiency.

For a drive of centrifugal pumps of similar capacity at the expense of the unique properties RPSEY on a long interval of operation consume in 3 and even 4 times less electric power, than asynchronous electric motors and have in some times less dimensions and weight.  At an overload of the asynchronous electric motor the frequency of rotation of its shaft decreases unsignificantly, and the current sharply grows, engine to overheat. At an underloading of the asynchronous electro moror the factor of capacity sharply falls, getting in area of low meanings. There is a large current consumption. 

Cos - Power factor.

P - Available capacity.

PH - Power rating.

RPSEY - Russian parametric submersible electro motor by Yalovega.

A.C. -  Asynchronous traditional submersible electric motor.

The frequency of rotation of the shaft of the RPSEY at an overload - decreases but the current is not increased almost. Such engine can work long time on small revolutions with the large loading in a mode of a blocked rotor and not overheating. This ideal quality at heavy start-up with the large time of transient.  When is required «to untwist» loading with the moment of resistance considerably in 2 or 3 and more time exceeding the nominal moment.  The factor of capacity of the RPSEY at underloading falls slowly, remaining in the field of high meanings, at the expense of that the RPSEY works very economically.  

The power EFFICIENCY of the asynchronous (AC) electric motor at downturn of a voltage - sharply falls. ALL-Union State Standard supposes at the asynchronous electric motor a power failure no more than 5 % from rating value. In real conditions of operation a power failure make up to 30 %. The asynchronous electric motor working under loading, «overturns» and easier speaking - burns.

  - Efficiency.

U - Actuating voltage.

Unom - Operating supply


RPSEY - Russian parametric submersible electro motor by Yalovega.

A.C. -  Asynchronous traditional submersible electric motor.

The EFFICIENCY of the RPSEY is reduced very slowly and keep high EFFICIENCY even under voltage decrease in 2 times. The experiments have confirmed this fact. As against asynchronous electric motors, the RPSEY has high power parameters not only in one point -  of nominal work point of the engine, but also in a wide  range of changing speed and at significant deviations from a nominal mode.

Just this property of the RPSEY allows even in a noncontrollable drive really to save in 2 or 3 times the electric power. And it is not only energy saving  mode of operations, but also raised safety in operation. Asynchronous electric motors of the Russian manufacture and their foreign analogues by criteria of energy saving, safety in regular and of critical modes concede the RPSEY.

The RPSEY with other things being equal, have appeared the best engines in the world. Is checked up by numerous tests on oil-wells of the Tyumen and Tomsk areas of Russia.  


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